Tuesday, November 10, 2009

World Vegan Tip #10

Often the most daunting challenge to those considering the transition to a vegan diet is simply knowing what to cook. There are so many excellent cookbooks these days, as well as recipes online and Yahoo groups dedicated to sharing cooking ideas, so there's no shortage of recipes available to aspiring vegans. What I recommend is to make a weekly menu and grocery list. This makes everything much more manageable. Planned menus are also helpful for saving money (not as many impulse buys) and keeping track of how healthy your overall diet is (even vegans need to make sure we need to get enough leafy greens.) Check out this link for a free downloadable weekly menu planner.


  1. I can't stress this tip highly enough! Red grumbles when I make him help me pick recipes before we go to the store, but it saves us so much time and money.

  2. Save soooo much time! Just take a little bit out of a day off, scatter your cookbooks around you and have at it. Once you've done it enough, you can use a previous week's menu. And that ROCKS. Thanks, VB.


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