Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vegan World Month Tip #24

Simple soups warm the soul and quell your hunger. Decide what sort of soup you want - bean-based, a broth-y or creamy one - and go from there. Soups are very easy to improvise and help you develop confidence in the kitchen. Starting with a little sauté, such as onions, garlic and ginger, add your water or broth, spices, additional vegetables and beans. Coconut milk, tomato purée, peanut butter, and lime juice are all great additions (just not at the same time!).Link


  1. Oh this looks yummy. I love soup and usually I make good ones. Not yesterday, though. I should never make soup when I am sick. It was a vegetable soup simmering nicely in the crock pot and I tossed in some rice noodles intending to eat the soup in a few minutes. AAAAAhhhh.....in my sickly stupid- headedness I went to bed and forgot about the soup. Three hours later I had disgusting mush. Adding tons of spices, more water and pureeing the soup helped to make it palatable but certainly not delicious.

  2. Oh, WAH! The last thing you need when you're already sick. Darn! I've done that sort of thing too and it's just so spirit crushing when you know that it could have been good.

  3. Soups are good for the body and the soul! My favorite are usually creamy and thick, and I love soups that have potatoes in them. Yum! Thanks for another great tip, I'm loving them all.

  4. Thanks, VV. Your soup recipe looks phenomenal! Actually, you are who inspired today's tip.

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