Sunday, November 8, 2009

World Vegan Month Tip #8

Being an urban-dweller can mean that we don't get to see much in terms of wildlife. Many people support zoos and aquariums just so their children will get a chance to see a variety of animals. Please reconsider supporting industries that keep wild animals in captivity and out of their natural habitats. Animal sanctuaries offer a wonderful opportunity to connect more deeply with non-human animals in a non-exploitative, compassionate environment. Sanctuaries need our volunteer time and donations. If there are none near you, two words: Road Trip! Link

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  1. That's wonderful advice! I got to visit Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary a couple of years ago and was so moved and inspired. And it made a tremendous positive impact on my friend, who'd grown up on a cattle ranch and had gone vegan just six months earlier. So I second this tip... visit an animal sanctuary (and bring a friend!) :-)


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