Monday, July 12, 2010


Do you ever have a dream where you find an extra room in your house that you'd never discovered before? That's the only sort of recurring dream I think I have: I am walking around my house - or the house in my dream - and I discover an indoor swimming pool. Imagine the delight! Somebody had been maintaining it all those years, too. It would be equally amazing if if I discovered a secret stash of time that no one else knew about.

If I found a stingy genie who would only grant me one wish for my personal life, it would be for every day of my life to last for 48-hours. There is just too much to do this summer between various freelance jobs, regular writing assignments, taking care of my mother and son, Chicago VeganMania and trying to make sure that my house and yard don't become complete embarrassments. Every day is simply buckling under the weight of what is on my plate. There is also the small matter of a manuscript that I dearly love that desperately needs my attention. I need to give any spare time to this. So I am making the executive decision to take a little break here. It was causing me so much guilt and unhappiness that I was not updating but I simply don't have the time. I will resume when my son goes back to school at the end August. Maybe I'll be back sooner, though, if I can discover that extra 24-hours.

Smooches to all! Enjoy your summer and I will talk to you soon!