Saturday, November 6, 2010

World Vegan Month Tip #6

Vegan Chili! During these cooler months, sometimes a hearty chili is exactly what you need to warm that belly. There are seemingly endless variations, but sautéing vegetables, then adding them with beans, tomato sauce, chile powder, water, maybe tofu (or seitan or crumbled tempeh or even crumbled veggie burgers), then cooking it together until I can't wait any longer is my general method. Serve over rice or quinoa, with diced red onion, chili peppers, vegan sour cream and hot sauce on the side...mmm!


  1. I'm just immodest enough to post this link to a guest post I wrote on my girlfriend's blog. It was a (pretty successful) attempt to veganize my favorite chili from childhood.

  2. Yum! Not immodest, Stantoro. I will check out that recipe. :)


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