Saturday, November 27, 2010

World Vegan Month Tip #27

Being an urban-dweller can mean that we don't get to see much in terms of wildlife. Many people support zoos and aquariums just so their children will get a chance to see a variety of animals. Please reconsider supporting industries that keep wild animals in captivity and out of their natural habitats. Animal sanctuaries offer a wonderful opportunity to connect more deeply with non-human animals in a non-exploitative, compassionate environment. Sanctuaries need our volunteer time and donations. If there are none near you, two words: Road Trip!


  1. It is important to remember that volunteers are vital to keep most rescue operations going.

    Volunteer....if you can't volunteer, donate. Do both of these things if possible. The rewards are enormous...both for yourself and those you help.

  2. Where I live, we have the Ching Farm Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. Actually, my family has recently sponsored one of their animals--a big pink pig named Evie! Now we just need to go visit her!

    And that beats the horrible Utah Hogle Zoo by a long shot!

    Thanks for this post, Marla. :)


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