Friday, November 5, 2010

World Vegan Month Tip #5

Libraries are a phenomenal resource in most communities, and many have well-stocked cookbook sections. This is a great way to "test drive" a cookbook before committing to it. Also, educate yourself about the benefits of a plant-based diet and the cruelties of animal-based agriculture with the books and films available. If you don't see what you're looking for, don't be shy about requesting that they order it.


  1. good advice marla...

    i'm lucky enough to work in a 'request-driven' library here in melbourne, australia and we try to fill people's requests (within reason!!) - and there's always an inter-library loan option (am assuming it's the same in the states!!)...

    am enjoying your 'tips'...

  2. great advice. for the longest time I didn't bother looking in my library because I thought... "of course there aren't any vegan cookbooks" or any good ones. But every library in every city I've lived in has been AMAZING. Entire raw food shelves, vegan recipes, so many options.

    I'm enjoying your tips too! :)

  3. How cool, Proud Womon! I love libraries and always have. My library has a new lending system called "SWAN" and it involves loans from more than 70 community libraries. (It may actually be seventy other communities.) I'm pretty blessed here. Never a want for anything I'm looking for, and even if it isn't immediately available, with seventy libraries in the pool, it doesn't take long to get to me.

  4. Hey, MeShell - I know! Ours is incredible, too. Rarely a week goes by without me ordering books or stopping by the library. The only issue is keeping track of all those books!


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