Monday, April 8, 2013

20 Things I’d Rather Do Than Hear You Go On About Your Paleo Diet

1. Drop a kettlebell on my foot.
2. Get pulled over for speeding with an expired license in a car that has failed the emissions test with a “Bad Cop, No Donut” bumper sticker.
3. Be the sole adult responsible for two dozen 3rd graders at a large waterpark on “free soda refills” day.
4. Learn that the guy sitting next to me on my six-hour ride airplane is an evangelist who also sells timeshares. Plus, he’s very chatty.
5. Run into an ex on sweatpants-and-shower-free Sunday.
6. Forget to bring any of my 3,068 canvas bags on the day that the teacher who runs my son’s Green Team is behind me in the checkout lane at the grocery store.
7. Notice just a little too late that the expiration date on my coconut yogurt was two weeks ago.
8. Be on a nearly empty train and have the guy who keeps muttering, twitching and scratching himself decide to sit down right next to me.
9. You know that feeling when your car seems a little louder than usual and keeps pulling in one side and you’re all like, “Please don’t let it be a flat tire,” and then you hear that flapping sound so you pull over to check and, indeed, it’s flat? I’d rather feel that.
10. Get stuck on an elevator with the guys from #4 and #8. And a small marching band.
11. Walk barefoot over a floor my son has scattered with Legos. (Wait, I already do that.)
12. Mistake the curry powder for the cinnamon on my morning oatmeal.
13. Get on the bus driven by the driver who has decided that today is the day she’s going to show the other motorists who’s boss.
14. Hear the train approaching as I am putting my money in to get a train card but the machine keeps spitting out my dollar and the train is getting closer and I am desperately trying to flatten out the dollar against the machine but goddamn it! It’s not working.
15. That little speck of dust on my dog? It just jumped and, upon closer inspection, there are many, many more of them.
16. Realize that my keys are in my other coat pocket after I’ve already pulled the locked door shut. And so is my phone.
17. Notice that my parking meter is expired two minutes after the person writing the ticket did.
18. Have someone discreetly whisper to me that my skirt is tucked into my tights at a big event I’ve organized twenty minutes after I was last in the bathroom. (I speak from experience on this one and I’d still rather have this happen again.)
19. Remember at 10:30 p.m. that we are out of toothpaste.
20. You know how sometimes the bunch of bananas you bought looked fine on the outside but then when you pull down the peel, they’re all weird and squishy and rotten inside? Yeah, that. Plus now you have fruit flies.

All this and more, people! How about you?


  1. That was pretty funny. I agree as well.

  2. I agree with these! Too funny! I hesitated slightly on fleas jumping off of the dog. If that happens, it's a huge cleaning frenzy of the house.....oh my! :)

  3. I'd rather have all those 20 things plus some go to the paleo diet bore.

    Funny stuff - #16 is personally painful - Been there. :/

  4. Trail a long piece of toilet paper with my shoe from the toilet at the back of the plane to my seat near the front. Amen.

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  6. Instead of listening to a Paleo barf out information on his diet I'd rather...

    1. Clean out a sink drain formerly owned by Samara from The Ring.

    2. Watch footage of any random Kardashian getting implants for a 36 hour stint with my eyelids taped open a la A Clockwork Orange.

    3. Cook rice, eat rice, and then discover two or three of those little black rice bugs on the bottom of the bowl.

    4. Get a root canal on the first day of my period

    5. Actually read the iTunes User Agreement and take thorough, insightful notes before I sign it

  7. Hey, guys -

    Thanks so much for your funny comments. Andrea, I think I've probably done that one and, yes, it is still preferable.

    Kimberly, you are hilarious and, ugh, you take things up a notch but they are STILL preferable, you are right. :D

    xo -


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