Monday, November 24, 2008

A Pythonesque exchange with Comcast...

So! After having very spotty service for a couple of weeks, we finally scheduled for our friendly neighborhood Comcast technician to visit. I had waited home during the arranged hours (3:00 - 7:00) only to have no one show up. A technician called a little after 7:00 and told John that he would be at our place in twenty minutes. Twenty minutes went by, thirty minutes, you get the picture. John called the Comcast office to find out what was going on and the person who he talked to said, "Oh. That call was canceled." John said, "What? I didn't cancel the visit." What do you think was the perfect corporate, totally devoid of any trace of humanity, response to this? "I didn't say you canceled it, sir." [Later that evening, when talking to some poor soul who happened to answer his irate call, we had another Pythonesque moment: after hearing John describe what had happened, the Comcast employee said, "Our records show that the visit was canceled at 8:22." John looked down at the phone in disbelief, then, barely maintaining his composure yelled, "That's now. It's 8:22 right now!"]

The next day, after leaving messages with assorted managers and filling their voicemail capacity with our tale of woe, we received a phone call from another technician who confidently assured John that he would be at our home in ten minutes. Do I need to tell you that this previously scheduled visit also ended with John becoming all Tourette's Syndrome-y and twitchy when the appointment was inexplicably and internally canceled by Comcast?

Corporations make me feel all warm and snuggly inside... I could bask in the good-natured glow of corporate warmth all winter.

Shalom, everyone.


  1. I want to apologize for that experience. I agree it should have never taken all that. I also want to check that you did have this all corrected, if not let us know so we can help.

    Thank you for the feedback!

    Frank Eliason

  2. Whoa... I'm not sure what to say other than that I'm kind of stupefied at the moment and I wish that we had spoken to you the numerous times we had called. Yes, our problem is fixed now, thank you. Once the technician (and crew working in the alley) actually showed up, it was pretty quick, considering that they had to lay new cable. Thanks again!


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