Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Save the Duck! You are saving me from winter!

I never thought I’d say the following five words, but I am saying them now: I can’t wait until winter. 

That’s right. Gross, cold, dreary, depressing win
ter, which I can’t wait to face winter with my new Save the Duck coat and show it who’s boss in style! Soft, lightweight but made with high-definition nylon and the most luxe, dreamy collar that lifts up against Chicago’s strongest winds, I feel truly prepared this winter. 

Best of all, Italy-based Save the Duck doesn’t use cruelly-obtained
down feathers or any other animal parts in their coat lines: all is entirely, proudly vegan and also committed to sustainability! Oh, I am so excited. This coat is the Iris from their new collection. You must check out these gorgeous coats - these are not your mother’s puffy coats - and this conscientious company!

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