Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Introducing Vegan Holidays for Everyone!

You all. YOU ALL. Okay, so about two weeks before Chicago VeganMania, John and I had this wacky idea to create a little Halloween recipe e-book. But then the thought of creating something bigger – and actual holiday cookbook and guide – struck us like a lightning bolt and it just snowballed from there. (Yep. I’m overdoing it with the weather-related metaphors, but, yeah, this happens with the kind of sleep-deprivation that writing a 260-page book in less than two months will do necessitates.) Anyway, this book,
Fun, Festive and Fabulous Vegan Holidays for Everyone: Recipes, Puns, Historic Lore and More to Help You Celebrate Without Compromise, has classic recipes featured on and lots of new ones, organized around ten holidays and it practically wrote itself, it was that fun and natural to write. Not just recipes, Vegan Holidays for Everyone is also sprinkled generously with silly puns, great pictures, historical lore, vegan advice and much, much more. It was truly a labor of love and we are so, so proud of it and excited to show it off to the world. Written for vegans, people who are transitioning or trying to eat more vegan as well as the random omnis who just want to cook for their irritating vegan nieces and nephews, Vegan Holidays for Everyone has more than 70 vegan and gluten-free recipes for every skill level. Read more about it at the link and consider supporting your local vegan feminist agitator.

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