Thursday, August 31, 2017

20 Reasons Not to Go Vegan


There are many valid reasons to go vegan but probably as many misguided ones. Don’t misunderstand, I am happy for anyone who quits eating animals, but the main thing is that I want it to last. When people are motivated by reasons beyond than their perceived personal gains, in my opinion, veganism has the greatest likelihood of lasting, which is not to say that all the benefits shouldn’t be appreciated.

When people “go vegan” for reasons that are more outwardly directed or in pursuit of something that a vegan diet doesn’t necessarily guarantee, they are susceptible to becoming the disgruntled “former vegans” I talk to all the time. While people are driven by a variety of motivating sources, I think it’s important to remember that veganism is at its foundation a way of living that seeks to reduce cruelty and make the world more just, equitable and sustainable. Does that mean that you are an inauthentic vegan if you’re primarily motivated by something else? Not at all. It just means that there are some very bogus reasons and if you want veganism to stick, rooting your veganism in ethics will provide a more stable foundation.

With that, I offer twenty reasons not to go vegan.

1. You want to be skinny.

2. You’re feeling inspired by a celebrity who was paleo just last week.

3. You want to impress someone, especially a romantic interest/partner.

4. You want to rebel against someone, especially a parent/relative.

5. You thought it would be a fun challenge, kind of an endurance feat.

6. You’ve heard good things about being gluten-free.

7. The most popular kid in school/at the office is vegan.

8. You haven’t gotten attention for a while.

9. You saw a picture of a vegan Instagram celebrity with washboard abs so…

10. It was either that or try paleo again.

11. You think veganism might help you live forever.

12. You think veganism might help you never get sick.

13. You think veganism might help you look 20 years younger.

14. Maybe this will be your ticket to making six figures as an influencer after all.

15. Alkaline something-something? Something about alkaline?

16. You saw a David Wolfe meme.

17. You’re bored.

18. Blood type something-something? Something about blood type?

19. You’ve been wanting to go on a cleanse.

20. It’s trending.

So forget those twenty reasons because this is the only reason you need to go vegan: Because you don’t believe animals should be exploited, suffer and be killed for your fleeting desires and the fact that you can help to improve the environment as well as prospects for future generations and enjoy some health benefits at the same time is just the icing on the cake.

If you are vegan for one of the other reasons listed above, don’t fret! Just build a stronger foundation underneath it if you want it to stick.

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