Sunday, October 5, 2008


I fully have intended to post more but life has been kind of kicking my ass lately, mostly in a good way, like the sort of workout that leaves you feeling sore but kind of tougher than you thought you were. I've had a big assignment, one that required a lot of research of a rather depressing nature, and that was finally turned in Friday, so, while I imagine I'll be getting a bunch of final edits to finish off, the bulk of the piece is done. The past two-and-a-half weeks, though, have meant squeezing as much work as possible into the approximately 2.5 hours my son is in kindergarten and then using my predisposition to insomnia to my advantage by waking up at midnight and writing until around 5 a.m. Needless to say, I've been kind of loopy lately and I think that I've established myself as the Mother Who Occasionally Hallucinates
among my fellow kindergarten mothers. Everyone needs a role, so I guess I'll take that one. Go, me!

So, given my scattered mind, how about some random thoughts until I'm able to put together a cogent sentence? You say go for it? I think I shall.

1. I love Joe Biden's smile. I don't really have much thought about him other than a sort inclination to dislike him for being such a Washington insider and for supporting the invasion originally. But his smile is truly Cheshire Cat-like which I appreciate. Anyway, I'm certain that he could have mopped the floor with Ms. Palin but refrained because one doesn't know how that would be received by the American public. It could have instigated a big wave of stupid sympathy toward her, which, really, she doesn't deserve.

2. In talking with John, I think I fleshed out part of why my dislike of Ms. Palin is so visceral. In addition to that whole anti-evolution/anti-choice thing, I mean. She reminds me of every passive-aggressively rude person who's ever questioned me about being vegan. Like, I can just imagine her sitting across the table from me (truly, heaven forbid such an arrangement) and saying in her bizarrely Fargo-meets-The-Church-Lady sort of way, "You're vegan? Well, isn't that special. I actually think that people matter more than chickens and cows. But, hey, more power to ya!"

3. Her distinctly inappropriate winking and weirdly plastered on smile fill me with a sort of wobbliness which makes me consider that she may be my personal kryptonite.

4. My six-year-old said something really cute the first night of the debate between Obama and McCain. I was explaining to him what a debate was and how we were hoping and expecting that Obama would win. "I am too," he said. "Why?" "'Cause I've been hearing a lot of good things about him lately."

5. Garbanzo beans probably make it into five or more of my meals a week. Just so you know.

I'll return when I have something worthwhile to share.

Shalom, everyone.

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