Friday, August 29, 2008

Ai ai ai...

The sort of day I'm having: I took my son for his first eye exam (necessary for kindergarten) and I waited a month to get in to see this recommended ophthalmologist. We had a 9:15 appointment and I was even naive enough to think that we might have time for some playground shenanigans before school started at noon. Oh, sweet, optimistic me.

We were there until noon, nearly three hours, we were late for kindergarten, though we could have gone but the deciding factor was that my son's pupils were dilated like Jim Morrison's on a bender due to approximately four different eye drops that I was not anticipating so I was unable to prepare him. Thus, from hour two until hour three, there was a lot of crying and general anxiety about his newly compromised vision.

The good news? My son has perfect, 20/20 vision! The bad news? He needs glasses anyway! How, what, come again, huh? He has a condition called accommodative esotropia, which is a latent (undetectable without sensitive equipment) inward crossing of the eye, which causes double vision. After an eternity of my poor boy reading numbers and letters off the screen (did a perfect job, I might add), having the lights turned off, his doctor peering into his cranium via his eye using a miner light contraption, covering his eyes one at a time with a plastic strip, having his six-year-old self sit still as she determined his prescription AND having her mutter incomprehensibly to no one in particular but then speak again in exactly the same mumbling tone (seriously, it was like, "...mgrapmmm...hmmm...mmmm...good...mmmph...") and expect me to be able to hear her, I was pretty much ready to karate chop strangers. Not to mention him missing kindergarten on our first week of school when I have writing to do.

What with having a hungry, bleary-eyed Lizard King as a son, we decided to go home and make the German Apple Cake from The Joy of Vegan Baking to console ourselves.

Shalom, everyone/

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