Monday, November 16, 2009

Vegan World Month Tip #16

Please consider a vegan Thanksgiving this year to really show your gratitude for the abundance of the earth and compassion for all her creatures. A vegan Thanksgiving e-cookbook with lots of great recipes can be purchased here, and there are free recipes provided by the great cookbook author Robin Robertson found at Link


Vegan Burnout said...

Oh, what a gorgeous turkey. I can't wait to celebrate with his cousins at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary this weekend! I had no idea how truly beautiful turkeys are until I met one last year. Even the best photos don't do their plumage justice.

Marla said...

Lucky you, VB! I know: the colors are just spectacular. And it turns out that this city girl can make a pretty impressive turkey sound somehow. The turkeys that I have spent time with have been very friendly, confident and curious.