Thursday, December 1, 2016

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar with Jackie Day

I could not even come close to describing the impressive (to say the least) accomplishments of Jackie Day of the popular blog, My Vegan Journal. After reading her bio, I wanted to simultaneously take a nap and roll up my sleeves to get to work. Jackie is a long-time vegan, an award-winning educator, a children’s health advocate, a health policy innovator, an animal activist and more. As a well-known blogger, Jackie is able to bring her joyful message of health and compassion to a wide audience, empowering people to become educated on important issues and take a stand on what matters. A true grassroots organizer, Jackie doesn’t just maintain an online presence: she is out on the streets, creating positive change in her community and around the world.

Now Jackie is out with her first beautiful book, The Vegan Way: 21-Days to a Happier, Healthier Plant-Based Lifestyle that Will Transform Your Home, Your Diet and You, published by St. Martin’s Press. A generous and engaging guide for leaning into how and why to make a vegan transition, Jackie offers an inclusive road map for anyone. From switching out dairy to finding cruelty-free cosmetics, removing toxic cleaning products to educating about animals in entertainment, each chapter offers an attainable goal and is written in a breezy, accessible but honest way, removing roadblocks and myths as she goes. (Review coming soon!) I am excited to feature Jackie today as our Vegan Rock Star and happy to help get the word out about her fabulousness.

1. First of all, we’d love to hear your “vegan evolution” story. How did you start out? Did you have any early influences or experiences as a young person that in retrospect helped to pave your path?

There’s actually an entire chapter in my book entitled “My Road To Vegan,” which describes my journey, but in a nutshell my path involved a unique combo of a frozen TV dinner, the act of feeding our dog scraps of “meat” under the table, and a fortuitous encounter with a stranger who needed a ride home.

2. Imagine that you are pre-vegan again: how could someone have talked to you and what could they have said or shown you that could have been the most effective way to have a positive influence on you moving toward veganism?

Fortunately, all my brain needed was the information; the simple truth. My heart was open, and my mind was a sponge. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

3. What have you found to be the most effective way to communicate your message as a vegan? For example, humor, passion, images, etc.?

It all depends on the audience. When speaking to someone one on one, I think it’s wise to put ourselves in the shoes of the person who we’re trying to inspire; look through their eyes, as best as we can, and go from there. After all, we’ve all traveled on different paths with different experiences that can taint our perception of the truth, and our willingness to embrace change.

As an author, I tend to write in an upbeat fashion, that’s positive and hopeful, but I don’t skirt the truth.  I paint a picture with words to get the point across, but never leave readers feeling helpless or hopeless. We can make a difference with every bite we eat, and every dollar we spend – and we are, in a very big way!

4. What do you think are the biggest strengths of the vegan movement?

The biggest strength of the vegan movement is this: we’re inspiring others to move towards the inevitable. As I explain in great detail in The Vegan Way, history is on our side.  We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift; everyone is going vegan.  It’s simply impossible for our species to survive without transitioning to a plant-based way of living.

5. What do you think are our biggest hindrances to getting the word out effectively?

I actually think all forms of non-violent activism can be effective as long as you’re targeting your audience wisely. Everything from a little humor (the talented cartoonist, Dan Piraro comes to mind) - or a gentle nudge to try a vegan cupcake - to large protests with graphic photos, can be effective.  We’re all so very different when it comes to being inspired. What works for one person, might not work for someone else.  We’re all in this together, and I’m grateful for all advocates who are trying to make the world a better place.

As for roadblocks, the fact that so many pro Big Ag folks wind up having power in the government, coupled with politicians serving as paid advisors to Big Ag folks once they’re done in D.C. is certainly cause for concern. Those creating legislation and regulations shouldn’t be so ensnarled in the promotion of cholesterol laden, saturated fat-filled, antibiotic and hormone infested animal products. It’s a conflict of interest, and the world suffers greatly because of it.

6. All of us need a “why vegan” elevator pitch. We’d love to hear yours.

Whether it’s for your health, the animals, the environment or a combo of all three, going vegan makes good sense! It’s easy, affordable, tasty and fun! And since you have to get off at this floor - and we can chat no more - check out my book, The Vegan Way: 21 Days To A Happier, Healthier, Plant-Based Lifestyle That Will Transform Your Home, Your Diet, And You! Ciao!

7. Who are the people and what are the books, films, websites and organizations that have had the greatest influence on your veganism and your continuing evolution?
Oh, gosh, there are so many! Diet for a New America by John Robbins was immensely helpful to me in the late 80’s, and if we flash forward to today, I’m currently enjoying learning new plant-based nutrition facts from Dr. Michael Greger’s New York Times Best Seller, How Not To Die. The first animal rights pamphlets I recall reading in the early 80’s were from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals which provided ample food for thought and inspiration. And I’m delighted to see a surge in animal friendly books for kids, such as Ruby Roth’s Vegan is Love, and Santa’s First Vegan Christmas by Robin Raven and Kara-Maria Schunk, both of which nurture compassion.

8. Burn-out is so common among vegans: what do you do to unwind, recharge and inspire yourself?

Every few months or so, I enjoy a social media cleanse and detach from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. for a few days, or even a few weeks. It’s not easy; sometimes I even have my husband change my password on my accounts because I’m so drawn to social media these days, but the break is well worth it. I also find that spending time outdoors gardening, bike riding, or hiking relieves stress, or in the winter months, knitting, baking, writing, and cuddling with our kitties, helps too. I also like to unwind by surrounding myself with things that smell good: lavender oil, herbal teas, and candles that smell like sweet treats.

Helping others also provides fuel for inspiration. I launched my book at Barnes and Noble last night and was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm of folks who want to know how they can make the world a better place right now; it’s so energizing to plant seeds of compassion, and watch them grow.

9. What is the issue nearest and dearest to your heart that you would like others to know more about?

All issues that concern needless suffering are important.  I encourage folks to learn more about an issue that’s dear to their heart, and then gradually increase their circle of compassion to include everyone else.

10. Please finish this sentence: “To me, being vegan is...”
living a lifestyle where your brain follows your heart; it’s easy, tasty and lots of fun, too!


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