Sunday, September 7, 2008

Buster update...

For anyone interested, Buster's condition hasn't improved much (still very wobbly on his legs, walks to the side, major eye goop) but his mood has improved substantially. I consulted with an animal communicator friend of mine (she is a goddess) and we had a very moving, emotional telepathic conversation with Buster. Roll your eyes all you want, disbeliever, but his basic demeanor has been so much better since we spoke. After our talk, for the first time in three days, were able to get him off the step he'd been camped out on, and moved to a much better location, near lots of windows and refreshing breezes and light, plus in a spot that is more conducive to feeling included in the family. It has made all the difference, and he's actually walking around, wobbly legs and all, accepting jowl and ear scratches, wagging his tail more than he usually did in good health. I know that no matter what, he is not suffering, he is comfortable, and he is feeling loved. That means the world to me.

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